Wine Industry Publicity Tune-Up

Who doesn’t need a tune-up?

It applies to a winery’s visibility as well as to your car’s engine!

Consider having long-time industry publicist Julie Ann Kodmur review your presence and profile. Does your positioning come through in the media’s perception of your winery? Is your winery visible? Are you pursuing public relations strategies which boost awareness and also generate publicity?

The PR Tune-Up starts with the winery answering questions in Julie Ann’s PR Diagnostic.

She will research the winery’s ‘footprint’ online as well as recent coverage of the winery in print as well as online.

She will discreetly research what key wine writers think about the winery and its wines.

She will compile the findings and add detailed recommendations for improving the winery’s visibility. You will have an action plan in your hands as well as a ‘snapshot’ of your winery’s current positioning in the eyes of the media.