Julie Ann is great. She is very strategic, intelligent and tactful. I especially like her solid holistic approach. She set up my PR toolkit and outreach protocols so that I was ready for the intentional press as well as the surprise press that comes from being well-prepared.

Alice Warnecke Sutro, Founder/Owner/Winemaker, SUTRO Wine Co.

I have worked with Julie Ann on many projects and one of her greatest attributes is the trust she places in legitimate working journalists who must follow a slightly different path (facts) than people whose main occupation is based primarily on opinion. I have always been able to level with her, and she with me, and it has always proven to be an extremely successful working relationship. And as I have learned in over 35 years, she would never compromise a client!

Dan Berger, wine writer

Julie Ann is one of my top “go-to” sources for what’s worth spending my time on when it comes to Napa Valley and beyond. Her carefully curated collection of clients clearly benefits from her measured approach to public relations – one that gets to the heart of what their products and the people behind them are all about. She’s quick to respond to my requests so that I can get the word on worthy wines and wineries out to the masses – and that’s a talent harder to find than you might think!

Rich Cook, Columnist and Lead Reviewer, WineReviewOnline.com, wine competition judge and organizer

Working with Julie Ann has always been a pleasure. In my most memorable experience working with her, and together with internal teams and other external resources, Julie Ann guided us at Diam in a strategic repositioning and communications reset of a key category brand communicating an exciting new attitude for the brand in new ways that led to a rebirth of a brand that had been critically damaged in its past. Julie Ann rocks.

Michael Friedman, marketing executive

Julie Ann manages to always have her finger on the forever fast changing pulse of our times, which supports how she works tirelessly to help her clients achieve as much success (recognition?) as possible.

Audrey Kruger, social media strategist